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Consult our business support team if you have queries about DBaaS Ltd offers personalized to Consulting, Managed, Governance, Support & Training Services.

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Simplify your data management by moving on to the Cloud & Enhance your potential by using our Cloud platform & Cloud computing is the future of cost effective and secure enclave.

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as DB Strategy & Business Solutions as a Service

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Let us talk about who we are!

DBaaS is one of the UK’s leading database managed service provider.  DBMS In uk, we offer Database as a Service that equips organisations with a scalable and shared platform to consolidate existing and new databases. Our DBaaS solutions is an on-demand service which allows our clients to consolidate servers, manage database workload and offer benefits of cost and agility.

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When and Where You Need It

As an experienced support provider, we are here to offer specialist advice which you can rely on, to deliver innovative solutions and assist in making the most of your IT investment. We make sure your mission-critical databases(object oriented database architecture model) and applications are improved around the clock.

  • Optimize your database to maximize application performance

  • Recommend architecture and design improvements

  • Ensure application availability

  • Update current software or migrate to new software or platforms

Our Services

As a global and trusted Database management in UK, Database managed service provider, DBaaS offers a wide range of IT services utilizing technology you can trust.

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Leverage full interconnection capabilities across our global ecosystem, including Cloud Service Providers,
Partners, Networks and Customers that drive your business.