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Let we talk about who'we are !

About Us

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In the current digital age, a thriving and successful business requires the right mix of technology and innovation, blending together to provide seamless productivity and data management systems. Because the digital landscape continues to evolve, businesses need experts who not only understand the trends and technologies, but know how to implement them in a cost-effective, reliable, and secure manner.

DBaaS was established in 2019 as a response to clients needs of the impact of industry-specific software solutions for SMEs, public sector organizations, and the private sector that use DOS and G-Cloud frameworks ranging from the UK to European and Asian markets. DBaaS widely known as a “Digital Business as a Service” IT Software Development Company specializes in providing the latest technological solutions rooted with the values of Openness, Excellence and Reliability. It excels in providing cost-effective and feature-rich database management, consulting, and support services that are industry-leading and unmatched across the United Kingdom.

DBaaS takes pride in its Database Management and Support Services team that has over 14 years of experience in fulfilling database architecture, testing and implementation needs of the UK’s most prominent FTSE 100 companies. The team specializes in designing, and deploying mission-critical database architecture that includes Oracle and Microsoft based MySQL, Azure, PostgreSQL, and NoSQL Database Platforms. Additionally, the team also has extensive experience in managing and applying backup and recovery strategies related to Cloud-based and On-Site Virtual Machines (VM), Amazing Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud services, ensuring that your productivity remains optimal.

DBaaS believes in a transparent, seamless and secure database management and infrastructure deployment strategy. Our clients are guaranteed 100% satisfaction, with planned input at all stages of the database management and support timeline. Our team is dedicated to making your business practices agile by implementing feedback, and monitoring systems in an adaptive and integrated environment. We ensure a high level of confidence is attained while your data and applications are designed and deployed.

With DBaaS as your database management and support partner, you will always receive the best and most advanced technological solutions that help you stand out from the competition.

Our Services

  Technical Expertise


DBaaS is trusted across the United Kingdom to provide implementation, monitoring and support services in relation to:

Amazon Web ServicesOur Mission

Our mission is to understand all database administration needs of our clients and provide them with cost-effective, innovative, and technologically advanced database consulting, designing, implementation, testing, deployment, management, and support services.


DBaaS strives to ensure that clients retain confidence and 100% satisfaction throughout the database management, backup and recovery timeline is irrespective if its remote, cloud, or on-site. It also involves ensuring a seamless, secure, and transparent testing and planning process across all known platforms, including Oracle, Microsoft, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services.

Our Values

Our core values include: