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Database Support Services and Database Cloud Engineering


We at DBaaS sell efficiency. We provide BAU (Business As Usual) IT support to our clients. Technology advancements are our forte. We are a Data Management setup, experts at Database Support Services and Database Cloud Engineering. Our Onsite and remote DBA Support is unmatched. We provide better architecture & design for database services and help with ongoing issues in optimization and performance.

We specialize in providing remote services, live services in various platforms such as On-Premises, Crown Service Data Centre, Cloud Support Services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure Platforms and Google-Cloud Services to support all the databases in any of the SME or Government Organizations. We help in implementing cloud computing suites in client companies and specialize in the migration of applications, data and infrastructure onto the cloud, without any loss of sensitive data. We make sure your business is cost-effective by employing virtualization and cloud storage. We excel at providing DevOps automation support as well.

We are the answer to all your IT problems. We provide impeccable services of archiving, backup & recovery for our clients and make sure disaster recovery plans are in place. Security is major focus and guaranteed to our clients. Data in the form of hard copies are moved on to soft copies, which is safer and easily accessible. We at DBaaS make sure the client’s important infrastructure is backed up and safe.

Our data engineers are experts in NoSQL, ADABAS, Natural databases, MongoDB and Elasticsearch DB. We aim to provide expert support and help in running them efficiently and smoothly for our clients. Our expertise in relational databases can allow our clients to be confident about our services provided to them.

In today’s day and age, businesses need to be smart and to scale, in order to be cost-effective and efficient. DBaaS helps take your normal business and converts it into an automated one, with all your important processes and applications stored in virtual storage spaces, streamlined databases and scaled processes. Our services are inexpensive and reliable, and we guarantee security and minimize costs.


We automate your business and processes to make them more efficient and cost-effective


DBaaS specializes in providing the latest technological solutions rooted with the values of Openness, Excellence and Reliability, Database Support Services and Database Cloud Engineering


Automation, security, cost optimization and reliability


We support and solve individual and company information technology needs and problems.