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Consulting & Freelancing

Consulting & Freelancing

DBaaS have an extended history in offering database consultancy for different applications and databases. We are proud of our pedigree and the extent of knowledge within our expert teams. We have 10 years of experience in advising businesses about the ideal methods to manage, configure and operate their databases. In case your database is bulky, causing regular outages, letting overnight batch jobs spill in the working day or consuming your IT budget, we are here for your rescue.

Our advanced consulting services are modified to understand your business objectives. We provide a strategic approach which helps enhance existing infrastructure with new tech-innovations so you can harness the advantages of technology. We provide consultation in:



At DBaaS, we work with our clients to evaluate the suitability for cloud, help them pick the precise platform. We support our clients analyze the cloud readiness and adopt technologies such as AWS, Azure, G-Cloud and Oracle Cloud.

Database Management

Without effective data management, your business is missing the opportunity to acquire a holistic view of customers, company performance, operational efficiency, and valuable insights. With our data management consultation, we make sure your business succeed through design, architecture, forecasts, performance tuning, encryption, monitoring, and reporting.

Support Online and Remote

We also provide online and remote in areas including on-site DBA support, Big Data, Opensource, and Remote DBA Support.

Framework Services

DBaaS helps its clients utilize the best tools and provide them with expert consultants to find and solve problems related to various services and provisioning specific supports via Crown_Commercial_Service

Cloud and On-Premise Architecture

Built on the industry’s foremost cloud-enabled technologies, DBaaS offers architecture and HLD, LLD design with suggestions for availability, resilience, performance and future competency.

Ensure Database Uptime & Application availability

Our tech experts and consultants have the experiences to transform your database into a valuable asset which is always available – either cloud or on-premise. Besides, the performance of your database will be monitored consistently to reduce critical incidents.

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For more information or to meet our teams please contact us, +44 203 3129 0094 (Europe) and we will reach out to you