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Our Training Program

Training Services

Training Services

DBaaS offers a comprehensive and flexible range of training options for teams. Our training programmes are designed for IT professionals, app developers, and DBAs. With a wide range of database training programmes, the participants will be able to learn how to implement and manage databases, build applications, ensure availability, manage complex tasks and improve the performance of the database.


Our training programmes include MariaDB, MySQL, MongoDB, and open-source database training to offer knowledge and best practices. The training programmes offer a range of options, including online-training, virtual training, and on-site classes.

Why Invest in Training?

Similar to the domain of any IT operations, skills for database management are dependent on knowledge and expertise. The more you will have, the faster you will be able to identify problems and apply practical solutions. When you invest in training, you spend the effective solution management and profit of this investment is incurred in the form of significant cost savings in resolving problems such as dealing with database emergencies.

Our Training Programmes

The topics of training we offer are all-inclusive and training courses are highly practical and based on exercises. We offer the following training programmes:

  • Oracle

    The Oracle training allows you to learn effective ways to use the powerful capabilities of the world’s very first autonomous database.

  • PostgreSQL

    We use interactive discussion and direct practice for the demonstration of the basics of PostgreSQL and help you learn ways to manage the organisation and performance tuning of PostgreSQL databases.

  • eBusiness DBA

    eBusiness DBA training allows individuals to establish a strong foundation and expertise in the implementation of eBusiness solutions.

  • GreenPlum DB

    Greenplum DB training allows you to get yourself equipped with required skills to make the most of Greenplum database system.

  • MSSQL DB for corporates

    MSSQL database training for corporates supports learning the detailed features of database designing, application, maintenance, and support.

  • Online Virtual Trainings

    We offer online virtual training, allowing you to learn your desired data management skills wherever you are.

DBaaS experts can fulfil your needs and satisfied to your needs

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